Sage 50 Accounts Will Not Open

Sage 50 desktop is a wonderful accounting software that is made to ease your work. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no issues there that cannot prove that fact wrong, making work confusing and frustrating. One of the most popular errors is “Sage 50 Accounting could not be started”. This error shows up  when users try to start their software. You will experience this Sage 50 error in the U.S. Edition. Sage 50 is an all-encompassing solution designed by a set of people called the Sage Group. Formerly, it used to be known as Peachtree Accounting. You can find it in desktop versions with anytime & anywhere in cloud services.

You can reboot your system and try to open it again to resolve issue. Immediately you experience this error, restart  your computer system, the following error message will instantly appear.

 Error: Sage 50 cannot be started, please reboot.


Error: Sage 50 Accounting cannot be started. Please try again.

Users of older version of sage 50 used to face this serious technical problem. For this reason, we suggest you update your sage 50 as at when due as they can potentially fix your issues.


It is highly recommended you backup of your data before you step on updating your package otherwise, if not properly done your system might end up  freezing without any recovery. For this, call Sage experts Toll free at +1-888-546-2881 if you want risk-free updating.

Sage 50 Accounting Could not be started

Common Reasons Why Sage 50 Won’t Open: Causes

Many factors are responsible for the causes of this error. some of them are:

  • Damaged files and corrupted folders
  • Outdated files and folders
  • Damaged reports contained in company folders
  • Issues with Pervasive
  • Server network is Public
  • Damaged shortcuts
  • Issues with the compatibility mode setting for the shortcut


For a good number of times, sage technicians have suggested several ways to curb the problem of “Sage 50 accounting could not be started” error. But should in case the problem continues to occur, you can follow below solutions to resolve your issues.

Sage 50 Could not be started

Solution I: Issues with Compatibility Setting

  • There is a Sage 50 icon on your desktop, right-click it.
  • Choose properties tab.
  • Click on “Run this program in Secure mode”.
  • After this, instantly, an editor will open. Insert the key code as [k0w16] and press continue.
  • Press OK and close the Sage 50 properties window.

Solution II: Recreate the Shortcut

  • Right-click on the Sage 50 shortcut and choose the delete button. The delete button does not mean the program will altogether be deleted. No need to panic.
  • Look for its Program Path.
  • Find the icon and right-click it.
  • You will see an option to recreate a Sage 50 accounting shortcut, choose it.
  • Search for exe file and right-click on it.
  • Click on the Send. After this, go to the desktop. Here is how new shortcut is created on the desktop.

Also, the newly created shortcut can be renamed. At this, it will be  distinguish from the older one.

Solution III: Reinstall the application and using Run as Administrator

This method is not as easy as it sounds. It requires technical knowledge. So you can try to reach Sage 50 support professionals on this toll free, 1 888-735-9847 for assistance.

Here, there is a need to restart the system and log in as an Administrator. This will allow you to access all the files and folders.

  • Search for this location “C:\Sage\Sage50_20xx_x\program-files\(where xx stand for the year and _x is the product update number provided there is)”.
  • Right click on the exefile.
  • Proceed to the Run as Administrator
  • Click on the Repair option when you receive a prompt
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.

Solution IV: Damaged Reports Folder

Your reports might be damaged and your Sage 50 Accounting could not be started. Read below to see all you need to do.

  • Close Sage 50 from all systems which happens to be on the same server.
  • Browse the path. This will enable you to detect your system host. This will also be the server where your data will be hosted.
  • Change the NameServers’ name
  • Select the repair tool icon to be all sorted.

Why Technical Support on Sage 50?

Actually the remedies we have up there are directly from sage technicians With many years of work experience in resolving all issues that have to do with sage. Furthermore, an attempt to update your software is a good thing to give a try. When you experience an error message such as “Sage 50 Accounting could not be started” a step forward to update the program is likely to resolve the issue.

In case your sage version happens to be an older one, it is recommended you ask for the latest version download support. There might be reasons you need to contact technical support for queries and help. You can call sage toll-free number +1-888-546-2881. As soon as your queries get to their desks, they will help you out with appropriate remedies to all issues you are facing within a space of short time.

Sage InstaSupport

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